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Perpetual Rules in Storing Your Piano

Sometimes you need to choose whether to store your pianos or not. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered. Among the reasons why you want to move your piano is that you are running out of space. Decluttering and clearing out such a large item can help create much-needed room in your house.

As providers of piano moving services in California, we understand the dilemma. An expensive instrument, a piano can be easily scratched or broken, so you must take proper care of it, especially if you’re moving it into storage. Read our dos and don’ts, along with our top tips to avoid any unnecessary and expensive repairs.

While a piano might be huge, it’s also extremely delicate. You need to take extra care to store it in the perfect environment. As you will need to choose a place away from direct sunlight and high humidity levels where the temperature isn’t likely to fluctuate, storing a piano in a storage unit is ideal. Call for help from expert providers of moving services to help you move your piano.

If the temperature is too warm, the wood and keys of your piano are likely to swell, while parts of the instrument may also come unglued. Similarly, if your environment is too humid, you run the risk of parts rusting. Hence, store your piano in a self-storage unit where it will be safe from the elements and extreme temperatures. Do not ever store your piano outside — the temperature fluctuations can cause permanent damage to your instrument.

A Sharp Piano is not only a piano transport services in Garden Grove, California. We also offer piano restoration, storage, and a lot more. Call us today to learn about our services.

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