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Approaches to Restoring Your Piano

When one decides to rebuild a piano, the restorer will be asked tons of different questions. Most questions center around which of the piano’s original design, parts, and materials to preserve, alter, or replace.

Aside from piano moving services in California, we also provide piano restoration services. There are three approaches known to be helpful in piano restoration. Conservative, Modern, and Innovative are these three well-known approaches.

  • With the conservative approach, the restorer places a high priority on preserving the original instrument. It is even necessary to sacrifice some degree of performance — not just to save money, but also in the interest of maintaining historical authenticity.
  • The modern approach, on the other hand, is where the restorer places a higher priority on the instrument’s performance and replaces as many parts as possible with new ones. But the restorer attempts to make the piano only as good as it was when new, closely maintaining the original design. Sometimes design changes will be made- to correct known defects, especially ones the manufacturer corrected in later instruments.
  • Lastly is the innovative approach. The restorer replaces worn parts with new ones. They are also free to modify the design of the instrument- in any way. So long as the piano will perform better, in the restorer’s judgment.

Having a piano does not only end in struggling to find a good moving services company to transport your piano where you need it. It also needs to find a good provider on how to maintain and store it.

A Sharp Piano can offer all these services. We are reliable piano transport services in Garden Grove, California. If you want to learn more about us and our services, check out our website.

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