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We treat your beloved instrument like it is our own.
man moving a piano

In many ways, the musician is emotionally attached to the instrument. We get that your piano is no mere equipment because it is an extension of you. Because of that, moving such a large, heavy, and irregularly shaped instrument has its challenges. One small mistake can lead to big problems.

With such a valuable instrument on the line, you can’t afford the risk of scratches, dents, or bumps. It cannot be said enough that you need professionals to move your piano for you and A Sharp Piano is up for the task! As a provider of piano moving services in Garden Grove, California, besides the stress-free benefits of letting experts handle the moving of your piano, you can also trust that you won’t risk hurting your back.

Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Piano Moving
    Moving a piano can be overwhelming. Moving it yourself is out of the question. Can you imagine lifting a pianoforte down a flight of stairs or the weight of a Steinway on your shoulders as you try to get it through the door? You’re risking personal injury on yourself, and it might cause damage to your precious instrument in the process. Because of its size and incredible weight, you will need professionals to ensure that the instrument is moved carefully and safely. A Sharp Piano takes a professional approach in piano moving, and we will complete the relocation smoothly and easily.
  • Piano Storage
    A Sharp Piano has a safe storage facility for pianos. The pianos are also singly stored at a distance from the walls, and they are kept away from things that might damage them, such as heat, water sources, and other objects. Have the peace of mind that your piano is well guarded and looked after under our care.
  • Piano Restoration
    Restore your precious grand or upright piano to its former glory! Piano restoration is something that we can do expertly at A Sharp Piano. Whether your piano is something of sentimental value or if it’s a Steinway handed down from generation to generation, we will preserve and restore its vital parts from the keys, pedals, strings, all the way to its exterior lid and housing.
  • Piano Tuning
    There’s no warning when your antique piano goes out of tune. Even newer pianos can suffer from the same problem, which is why regular piano tuning is a must. A piano’s lifespan can be extended with periodic tuning so you’re not just making sure all the keys sound on point, but you’re also preserving its value as a musical instrument. Get in touch with us for tuning appointments!
  • Furniture Moving
    Since our movers have moved large and heavy pianos for years, moving your furniture will be a breeze. We can move all types of large furniture from bed frames, wardrobes, desks, dining tables, cabinets, and more.
  • Junk Removal
    Do you have a large object to move? How about a set of drums or boxes of fragile china? A Sharp Piano can move all types of items regardless of the shape and weight.

We hope you will entrust A Sharp Piano to move or store your prized possessions. Trust is the core of our business, and we’ve earned the trust of our clientele after many years of seamless piano moving experience both locally and nationwide.