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How to Properly Position Your Piano at Home

how-to-properly-position-your-piano-at-homeA high-quality piano is crafted to perfection with the best materials to offer a truly exceptional sound. To make the most out of this musical instrument’s unique sound, it is important to position it in the right place. With professional moving services, you can ensure your piano is placed at an optimal location at home.

As a trusted provider of piano moving services in California, we will share the factors you should consider to properly position your piano:

  • Acoustics
    The acoustics of a room can help enhance your piano’s sound and affects the tone of the instrument and how it reaches the ears. When it comes to a room’s acoustics, you need to consider the size, flooring, and wall materials. Adding extra padding to hard flooring may make the piano sound dull while removing soft or absorbent materials can help the instrument sound louder.

  • Ergonomics
    The room you choose should have a consistent temperature to preserve the piano’s quality. One should also consider the amount of natural light that comes in as this can cause the wood to gradually fade.

  • Aesthetics
    Although the room’s design may not matter to some people, it can make a difference if you plan on performing in the room in front of friends and family. If you want your piano to blend in, consider using the piano’s style and design as a basis for your interior design decisions.

A Sharp Piano is a reputable and well-established business specializing in piano transport services in Garden Grove, California. To provide comprehensive services, we also perform furniture moving and junk removal to ensure your piano is perfectly positioned at the most optimal location in your home or studio. Set an appointment or call us for more information.

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