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Signs You Need to Have Your Piano Tuned

telltale-signs-you-Nneed-to-have-your-piano-tunedWhether you have a used piano or had a brand new piano delivered by professional moving services, you may notice a change in your musical instrument’s sound quality. Producing accurate notes is crucial to a functioning piano. Hence, having your piano maintained and tuned is essential to preserve its quality.

As a business specializing in reliable piano moving services in California, we will share the signs that indicate a need for piano tuning:

  • Inaccurate Pitch
    To determine if your piano is producing the correct pitch, you need to assess if the vibration rate of a note compares to the standard rate of vibration. A commonly used test note is A-440 or the concert pitch. Ideally, the piano key should produce a vibration at a rate of 440 times per second.
  • Wavering Sound
    Nearly every note on the piano requires more than one string to operate. If the piano is in tune, the strings will vibrate at the same time to produce a single note. When your piano is out-of-tune, you will hear a wavering sound that will distort the note and create an uncomfortable sound.
  • Discordant Major Chords
    Most three-note major chords sound pleasant and harmonious to the ears, especially when seamlessly blended. When your piano is out-of-tune, you will hear a disruptive sound that is noticeable to the trained ear. Play a major chord harmony and if you hear an unpleasant sound, your piano needs to be tuned.

A Sharp Piano is your go-to provider of piano transport services in Garden Grove, California. In addition to our moving and storage services, we offer periodic piano tuning services to make sure your keys always sound on point. Reach out to us to learn more about arranging regular tuning appointments.

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