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Piano Consideration When Moving Out

Piano Consideration When Moving Out

Planning to move out any time soon? Aside from loads of boxes, furniture, appliances, and other belongings that are ready to be transferred, having a piano that you need to bring along to your new home can be a different and challenging proposition. Even with or without a piano, moving is stressful enough. How much more adding up a piano which can be one of the most valuable pieces of furniture.

Pianos don’t come cheap. They can be a costly investment that needs to be protected and moved responsibly through piano transport services in Garden Grove, California. Aside from that, pianos also hold an investment of memories and history within each household. That is why when moving out, it is essential to carefully plot and take into consideration the predicament of moving a piano. Especially when in transit, a piano should be strapped properly and cushioned for safety and protection against scratches and damages that can be costly.

For some instances, when the new place is still unfinished, A Sharp Piano also provides piano storage services. While waiting for the last touches in the new place, the piano is put in a climate-controlled storage area before being transferred. Since pianos are vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity, these delicate instruments stay in a storage area that has both temperature and moisture control.

Once the relocation is over, and the piano has already been settled, our professional movers go above and beyond just providing moving services and piano storage. As a comprehensive provider of care for such a fragile instrument, we also offer piano tuning to ensure the piano is working perfectly fine after being relocated.

For more details and any concerns about our piano moving services in California, contact us.

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