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What Can Damage Your Beloved Pianos?


Having a piano at home can be the source of many entertaining days and nights. Your pianos can even be the life of the party when you have people over at home.

Providing piano moving services in California has taught us that these instruments can be delicate. Piano owners must take every step to keep their pianos functional and playable. Let’s discuss certain factors that may damage your piano at home.

  • Piano Misuse

    Pianos make any living room more interesting. Unfortunately, some owners also see them as substitutes for furniture and fixtures. Owners should understand that these instruments do not make for good shelves or tables.

    Using them as such will lead to scratches. Placing plants may also lead to water damage. Make sure you work with piano restoration providers to address these damages immediately.

  • Temperature And Humidity

    Pianos can also be sensitive to the temperature and humidity of the room. Extreme heat can damage the internal components. Good piano tuning can also depend on the humidity. If you want to keep your pianos looking and sounding fresh, store them in a room with good temperature control.

  • Poor Handling

    There are several forms of these instruments. But they can all weigh a lot. You will likely damage them if you do not have the resources to move them properly. Make sure you work with moving services to ensure your instrument’s safety.

Here at A Sharp Piano, we can ensure your pianos are safe and in their best shape when they are about to be moved. We also offer piano storage services in Garden Grove, California, to keep these precious instruments in peak condition. Feel free to Call us for your inquiries!

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