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How to Protect Your Piano When Moving

how-to-protect-your-piano-when-movingYou may believe that moving a piano is simple, but this is not the case. With one false move, you could permanently damage your piano. Even a single damage on a piano may affect the quality of the sound of the piano.

That is why as a high-quality provider of piano moving services in California, we can give you some tips on how you can properly and safely move your piano when you plan to relocate:

  • Wrap your piano.
    Close and, if possible, lock the keyboard lid. This will keep the keys safe. You can also tape the keyboard cover shut if it does not lock. Keep in mind to exercise caution when applying tape to avoid harming the finish. Secure the top lid and wrap plastic or bubble wrap around the pedals.
  • Disassemble your piano.
    If you are moving a grand piano, you can disassemble the piano to make it easier for you to wrap them and load them in the truck. The easier it is to pack, the lesser risk of damage.
  • Carefully load your piano.
    Attach a lifting strap to each end of the piano. Each member of a four-person team grips one end of a strap. As a result, each corner is supported by a different person. Lift the piano onto the truck after everyone is in place.

If you’re looking for a reputable provider of piano moving services, then you’re in the right place.

A Sharp Piano is an excellent provider of piano moving and piano storage services in Garden Grove, California. If you need help moving your piano, you can always rely on us!

We also offer services, such as junk removal, furniture moving, piano tuning, and more. Contact us at 714-589-5104 for more information.

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