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The Best Place to Put Your Piano


Moving can be an exciting chapter of a person’s life. However, it can be a stressful process, especially when transporting something big yet delicate like your piano. Be sure to avail yourself of piano transport services in Garden Grove, California.

You might have an idea of how you want to rearrange your furniture in your new home. But have you thought of where to place your piano? Here are some tips when choosing a spot to put your piano.

  • Put it in a cool dry place
    As you may know, wood can shrink and expand depending on the moisture content of the room. If it’s exposed to too much moisture, it may cause rotting. Be sure to have your moving services place it away from moisture-accumulating environments, such as the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Put it away from direct sunlight
    Constant exposure to the sun may cause the wood’s beautiful color to fade. It may also cause the wood to crack and split, which ultimately affects the quality of sound. Be sure to place your piano away from direct sunlight.
  • Put it away from foot traffic
    Be sure to put it in a place that does not obstruct foot traffic. This means it should be away from hallways and passageways. You may place it on a corner facing the wall or the rest of the room, for example.

If you’re moving and wary about how to transport your piano, you can avail of piano moving services in California with A Sharp Piano. We transport your piano with careful hands and with the right equipment so it reaches your new home in good condition. Give us a call today!

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