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Basic Wood Care Tips for Your Piano


Like any instrument, the piano needs care and maintenance too. Unless you’re experienced, you may have to call professional help in keeping it in good shape. For transport concerns, you may opt to avail yourself of piano moving services in California.

Whether you’re a first-time piano owner or not, it’s good to be reminded of the basic tips for maintaining your piano. Here are some of them.

  • Clean it right
    When you want to wipe it down to get rid of dust, avoid doing so with a very wet towel. Always go for a slightly damp and soft towel. Instead of using cleaning products with many chemicals, go for mild soap or clean water. Once you’re done wiping, wipe it again with a dry towel.
  • Avoid sharp objects
    Remember that your piano is not a table but an instrument. Avoid putting heavy or sharp objects that may dent or give marks to the surface. Although it may affect its aesthetic, the damage may be significant enough to affect the sound.
  • Have your piano tuned professionally
    Other than your trusted professional moving services, you need a professional for this too. Your piano should be turned on at least twice a year. Humidity levels throughout the year can affect the interior of your piano, so having an expert tune it and have a look inside is important for maintenance.

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