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Storing Your Piano in Between Moves

Storing Your Piano in Between Moves

Moving house is not the easiest thing to do. Even if you employ elite moving services in California, it’s still going to be a little bit stressful. Delays and emergencies are already expected to happen, yet they still take us by surprise. So, what do you do with your piano if you get stuck in between moves? Call A Sharp Piano!

There are different ways of storing the piano, but we’re here to talk about the right way. Here are a few storing tips that we as piano moving services in Garden Grove, California always keep in mind:

  • Wrapped the paddles and legs of your piano with padding to ensure that they stay in good condition.
  • Put a protective covering, like a tarp or cloth, over your piano to prevent dust from settling on and inside the piano.
  • Just like in your home, store your piano in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Our transportation services can help you in finding a temporary, yet secure place to store your beloved instrument. Besides that, we will also assist you in transporting your other belongings from point A to point B. Just call us at 714-589-5104 to get in touch.

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