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Handy Tips for Caring for Your Piano

Handy Tips for Caring for Your Piano

A piano is an organic instrument made up of many mechanical parts including wood, felt, cloth, and even wool. This means that depending on the climate that your piano is in, its materials will expand and contract. That’s not all. As you play your piano, its strings loosen, and it grows out of tune. These are some of the reasons why A Sharp Piano emphasizes the importance of caring for your piano.

Some may think that getting piano moving services in Garden Grove, California, and putting one’s piano in a secure spot is enough, but that’s only the beginning. As the owner, you have to do your part in caring for your instrument so that it lasts and retains the crispness of its sound.

We deal a lot with instruments, so our transportation services know a thing or two about caring for this gorgeous instrument. Take a look:

  • Find the perfect location. Keep your piano away from harsh elements like the winter cold and humid air.
  • Keep the room temperature even as much as possible. Make sure to keep your piano away from the air conditioner, heater, or an open fireplace.
  • Keep your piano hydrated by putting a bowl of water in the bottom of the piano. This is especially important for older pianos.
  • Tune regularly. You should have your piano tuned annually by professional piano tuners.
  • Pamper your piano. If you can, make sure to regulate your piano. Regulation is like an in-depth service for your piano, almost the same as the luxurious spa day that you and your friends go to.

If you need to relocate your home or just the instrument, don’t hesitate to call our moving services in California for help. Just dial 714-589-5104.

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