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Handy Tips for Moving Furniture

Handy Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you’re moving house or simply doing some rearranging, moving furniture is not an easy task. A Sharp Piano is here to give you some furniture-moving advice that will come in handy whether you are working with moving services in California or doing it with friends and family.

  • Cary tall items in the high and low position.
    It can be tempting to carry a tall dresser horizontally, but that’s just going to make things harder for you. Instead, tip the item backward at an angle and have one person carry the top while you carry the bottom. This centers the weight of the object and keeps it from swinging out of control.
  • “Hook” your chairs around corners.
    Your large, comfy chair can be a pain in the butt to move. To make it easier, turn the chair sideways and move it back-first through the doorways. Then “hook” it around the door frame and slide it through. You’ll see pro-movers in our Transportation Services do this.
  • Slide it instead.
    Moving larger and heavier furniture like a couch, or instruments like a piano can scratch up your gorgeous flooring if you drag it across. Instead, get some moving blankets, towels, or carpets the help slide your furniture in place. If you’re planning to move your piano, don’t worry. Our Piano Moving Services in Garden Grove, California is available to help you out.
  • Use a mattress sling.

    Most mattresses are made with handles, but those were not intended for carrying, which makes them a bit weak. Instead, create a mattress sling to make transporting a floppy mattress ten times easier.

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