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Making Your Piano Winter-Ready

Making Your Piano Winter-Ready

Fluctuations in the weather this winter season can damage your piano’s components. No one wants a wacky sounding piano when they sing holiday songs around the fireplace. So how do you make your piano winter-ready? That’s easy. A Sharp Piano is here to share a few tips you can use to keep your piano safe from the cold.

  • Maintain the humidity in your room.
    A drop in humidity often causes pianos to fall out of tune. Just like how our skin dries up, so can the wood in your piano. We recommend using a good quality humidifier. A humidity gauge will also be handy in measuring the humidity in the air. We often use this in our transportation services to ensure that your furniture and instruments are safe and secure.
  • Find the best location for your piano.
    It would be best to keep your piano away from frequently opened doors or windows, or near a heat source like a furnace. If you need help moving your piano into a safer location, you may contact our Piano Moving Services in Garden Grove, California.
  • Tune your piano regularly.
    Your piano should be tuned at least twice a year and around the changing of seasons. This helps your piano maintain a consistent sound and tuning stability throughout the year.
  • Practice good caring habits.
    Of course, maintaining your musical investment won’t be possible without your cooperation. Make sure to tend to your piano by during it periodically, covering the Keyes to prevent dust from accumulating, and avoid placing liquid near your piano.

Do these, and you won’t be needing piano repairs any time soon. That said, if you ever need professional moving services in California to transport your instrument somewhere safer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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