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Restoring Your Piano? Top Things You Should Know


Do you own a piano and thinking about whether to keep it as a family heirloom or restore its former glory? Are you up for making an aging piano look brand new? A restoration project is a good option. Why? Learn more below.

  • It Is Cost-Effective
    Restoring a valuable antique piano is more budget-friendly than buying a new one of similar value. Experts can replace many of the broken parts of your antique piano and refinish the exterior to make it look brand new. If you’re planning to hire piano moving services, the moving professionals can help you move it carefully while taking care of the aesthetic aspects of your newly restored piano.
  • It Extends Your Piano’s Lifespan
    If you want to add additional years to your piano, restoring it to a near-new condition might be a good option. Your piano life refers to its sound quality and interior and exterior elements that influence its playability. Besides restoration, it’s also essential to allow professionals to handle your piano, especially when you hire piano moving services in California.
  • It Achieves a Customized Look
    For the refinishing part of the restoration process, you can select different finishes and custom stains to achieve a customized and brand-new piano look. The professionals can transform it from a natural wood finish to a high gloss finish.

Are you looking for piano restoration services? You can rely on us here at A Sharp Piano! We will preserve and restore your piano’s vital parts, from the keys, pedals, and strings, to its exterior lid and housing. If you need piano transport services in Garden Grove, California, we can help you too! We treat your beloved instrument like it is our own. Contact us today for more information.

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