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How to Take Care of Your Piano: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Take Care of Your Piano: The Do’s and Don’Ts

It is indeed an amazing feeling when you finally got to buy a piano for yourself. You can now have unlimited practice sessions to improve your skills while spending time with your friends and family. To own a piano is a great experience, and taking care of it is also your responsibility.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts in handling your piano:

  • The Do’s:
    • Wash your hands every time before playing the piano. Make sure to close the piano lid after playing so it won’t be exposed to dust, sunlight, or to any spills.
    • Only clean the outside and leave the rest to the professionals. You will need professionals to help you clean the inside of your piano just as much as you need some Moving Services in California when you need to transfer your piano to different places or areas.
  • The Don’ts:
    • Don’t use any rough or dry cloth when cleaning or wiping your piano.
    • Don’t use paper towels and any type of spray such as mineral water, perfume or aerosol as it can damage the appearance of the piano.
    • Avoid getting water in between the keys.

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