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How to Properly Clean Your Piano at Home


Cleaning your piano at home is essential to prolong its lifespan by maintaining its appearance, quality of sound, condition, and value. It will also help reduce the frequency of piano tuning, which can be difficult for non-professional tuners. Here are a few tips to help you properly clean your piano at home:

  • Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

    Harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials can damage the finish of your piano’s exterior. It can also damage your piano keys, causing them to become discolored, loose, or stuck. Use distilled water or gentle soaps to prevent damage to your piano’s exterior.

  • Make Sure Your Piano Is Completely Dry Afterwards

    After cleaning, always make sure your piano is completely dry. Moisture can damage the wood or cause your keys to become stuck. It can also affect piano strings, causing tuning issues. We offer piano restoration and piano moving services in California to help you maintain the quality of pianos or move restored pianos to your home.

  • Always Use Distilled Water When Cleaning Your Piano

Tap water is full of mineral deposits that can cause stains on your piano’s exterior. Also, avoid spraying water directly onto your piano; instead, pour the water or cleaning products on a cloth first before wiping down your piano. We offer piano storage and moving services if you need a safe place to keep your pianos. Our storage area keeps your pianos far away from things that might damage them, such as heat and water sources.

For more information about our piano storage services in Garden Grove, California, feel free to call A Sharp Piano at 714-589-5104. Other services you could expect from us include piano moving, junk removal, piano restoration, piano tuning, and many more.

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