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How Temperature Affects Your Piano

How Temperature Affects Your Piano

“You’re exposing it to too much heat!” “Don’t place your piano there it’s too cold!” You might have heard these many times when your family member or friend scolds you while moving your piano on your own.

But in what way can temperature really affect the condition or sound of your piano? 

When the temperature rises, it generally comes with higher humidity. This causes the piano bushings to swell. As a result, you will notice that the keys are lagging or sluggish. Warm weather can shrink and swell the piano’s soundboard.

On the other hand, if the temperature is too cold since the air is colder and drier, it can drop the pressure on the strings that causes your piano to produce a flat sound instead of pitch. 

Other effects of temperature to piano also cause rust and corrosion to its metal parts. That is why, you should position your piano in place near the direct sources of heat or sunlight, especially near the doors, windows, fireplaces, etc

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