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Is Piano Tuning Hazardous to Our Health?

Is Piano Tuning Hazardous to Our Health?

Piano tuning is a profession that unfortunately not everyone knows. This kind of profession is underrated except in the industry or field of music. Harmless as it looks, but this kind of job can actually pose a great danger to our health. This was discovered during the time of Ed Graff where he was working alone on a grand piano when of its legs snapped and landed on his foot. Graff was injured and it took 3 hours to get his foot free. The injury became infected and triggers him to experience other and more complicated health conditions which soon lead him to death.

That is why, it is important that you should know how to ask help from the professionals whenever you are not sure of the possible outcome when you do it alone, especially in moving your piano. Availing piano moving services in Garden Grove, California is always the best way to keep you safe hence we have professional piano movers to do all the moving tasks for you and also to protect your piano from possible damages.

We at A Sharp Piano also offers transportation services whenever you need to transport some of your large and heavy furniture.

When it comes to your moving needs, allow our moving services in California to save you from all the hassle!

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